How to Select a DJ Downloads Service

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If you’re a DJ who’s in a position to break new music, it’s essential to utilize an online DJ downloads service that provides new releases weeks or months ahead of their normal release times. Selecting a DJ downloads service that caters exclusively to DJs is important if you want access to convenient features that will enable you to stay informed and ahead of the game. Take the following factors into consideration when selecting a DJ downloads service.


When searching for a DJ pool, one factor that you’ll surely take into consideration is pricing. In addition to offering secure, instant delivery of high quality MP3s, a DJ downloads service must offer a competitive pricing plan. Rather than paying per download, consider finding a service that enables you to download an unlimited amount of music for a set monthly or quarterly fee.

Music Catalog

Finding a DJ download service with an extensive music catalog is imperative to your success as a DJ. Be the first to release new tracks and impress your listeners with an innovative repertoire by using a DJ downloads service with an extensive music catalog. For the best results, a DJ downloads service should provide a huge variety of mixes, remixes, and tracks in an array of genres. The best DJ downloads websites are serviced by hundreds of independent and major record labels worldwide.

User-Friendly Interface

DJ Welcome to DJ EliteAn easy-to-use, intuitive interface is beneficial if you want quick, easy access to various features. A DJ downloads service with a user-friendly interface will help you download music quickly and get the information you need without a hassle. For example, the ability to search and sort by label, artist, song, and genre can come in handy when you are on the hunt for the latest tracks. Furthermore, it can be very convenient to have the ability to download your tracks of choice all at once with .zip file batch downloading. Additionally, look for a DJ downloads service that is not only easy to use, but that also offers 24/7 tech support in case any problems arise.

Additional Features

In addition to providing you with the latest music, a DJ downloads service should serve as a one-stop shop for your DJing needs. Look for a DJ downloads service that offers information and extra features such as, label information, world charts, hardware and software manufacturer information, and a forum.

Quality of Downloads

Your reputation as a DJ will only be as good as the quality of the DJ downloads you get, so make sure to find a DJ downloads service that provides high quality MP3s at 320 bit rate. By downloading tracks with a DJ downloads service that guarantees the delivery of high quality music files, you can rest assured that the files you acquire will be free of viruses and offer excellent sound quality.

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Legal Matters

To ensure that you are able to download music legally, look for a DJ downloads service that is endorsed by the music industry and licensed by the AVLA (Audio and Visual Licensing Association (pertains to Canada only). Legal DJ downloads services take advantage of the positive aspects of the digital revolution while simultaneously helping record labels protect their revenues. Legal DJ downloads services enable record labels to distribute music to a preferred clientele in a cost-efficient manner.


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